The Top 5 Foods You Should Eat Daily

The Top 5 Foods You Should Eat Daily

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There are lots of foods out there in the world, but did you know that there are also 5 foods that you should eat daily if you want to be healthy and hale?

These top 5 foods might probably be that obvious for you, but not many people enjoy eating them thanks to how nasty they can be when eaten. They did not know that behind that nastiness is a healthy life that will certainly bring smiles to all of the faces in the world. Those who can stomach how not tasty the food is are usually the ones who live a healthy and longer life.

As I said, there are many foods in this world that can be eaten by humans. However, not many of those are healthier than these 5 that I am going to list. Sure there are foods that are tasty, but if we put logic to mind, everything that is overly tasty is surely overly unhealthy for you. Sure there are foods that are healthy if you eat it daily, but nothing gives you the best kind of healthy like these 5 foods give you.

Now that the introduction is cleared and all, let us step into the bulk of this article, shall we?

[1] The first food that you should eat are Brazilian nuts

Do not make this sound wrong because there is a high chance that you have mistaken this for another form of nuts that are not easy to digest.

Brazilian nuts, just like many other nuts out there, are filled with healthy things that can make our body smile in joy. They are rich in carbs and proteins, just like any other nuts. They are also rich in vitamin E, B-1, zinc, magnesium, and zinc, just like any other nuts.

If they have the same amount of vitamins, carbs, and proteins just like any other nuts out there, what makes them the monarch of the nuts?

Selenium. That is right, people. Brazilian nuts are filled to the brim with Selenium. It is filled so much with Selenium that is often seen as one of the foods that contain the most amazing amount of Selenium. Selenium might sound like a name for a certain vampire that hunts Lycans and other vampires, but in reality, Selenium acts as oil for thyroid function. It keeps your thyroid in good health, effectively preventing major diseases from attacking them.

For people who cannot cook food well, you can rejoice because this type of food does not need to be cooked (they still need to be processed though). Many vendors usually sell Brazilian nuts as ready-to-eat nuts, basically just like any other nuts out there. You can just snack on the nuts and have a healthy life, which is magnificent.

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