Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids and Friendly Tips for Parents

Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids and Friendly Tips for Parents

Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids and Friendly Tips for Parents

Healthy snack recipes for kids will help you a lot to prepare the meal for your kids’ snacking time. In fact, snacking is like a daily schedule which needs to be well-prepared. By preparing and providing delicious yet nutritious snacks, you can help to curb the hunger of your kids during the day.

Besides, having a regular schedule for healthy snacks could boost energy and complete their nutrition needs, considering they are still in the growth and development stage. In this article, we are going to show you several recipes for kid’s snacks as well as useful tips for parents when it comes to preparing the snack. So, let’s get started on making snacks for our kids.

Tips for parents to prepare kid’s snacks

Junk food should not be on the list. Cookies, chips, or candy bars should stay at home or just save it for special occasions. Healthy snacks will form a healthy habit too.

Protein is essential for the human body. This is why preparing healthy snack recipes for kids should also include the protein. Protein could be something like drumsticks, chicken tenders or deli meat, hard-boiled eggs and you can put it with ramen noodles. If your kids do not have an allergic reaction towards nuts then you can include nut butter and nuts.

Foods with whole-grain based like tortillas or pretzels along with cereals made of whole-grain will boost their energy and stay powerful through the day. The whole-grain meals can be paired with cheese slice, hummus, or deli meats. Kids are still growing after all.

If you do not know what to put for the snacks, you can consider revisiting the breakfast for afternoon snacks. Dried cereals with nuts and fruits will be a tasty option for sure. For something sweet, you may try pudding with low fat or frozen yogurt. Smoothies will be a nice idea as well. The menu will satisfy your kids for sure.

Try these ideas for healthy snacks

  • “Ants on a log” could be the first option. It is just like celery with raisins and does not forget the peanut butter. Besides healthy, it looks tasty.
  • You can also mix low-fat yogurt with fresh fruits and frozen fruits. You do not need to add sugar to the mixture.
  • Since smoothie is also a healthy option, you can blend tasty fruits like banana, strawberry, or mangos and mix it with yogurt. You already make a healthy yet tasty afternoon smoothie for your kid.
  • Crackers are not a bad option but make sure that those are whole-grain based. Pair it with cheese so it will be much delicious and energetic.
  • Another idea is by making dip vegetables with sticks made of fresh carrots, bell peppers, or zucchini in hummus.
  • Bread will be another good idea. Just make sure it is whole-grain bread, or apple slices, or rice cakes and put peanut butter on it.
  • Molten low-fat cheese inside a tortilla will make nice quesadillas. For more twist, you can put black beans in it as well.
  • Mixing dried fruits, air-popped popcorn, and unsalted nuts will make a nice trail mix. Since it is homemade, it is healthier. It will taste better with a low-fat milk companion.
  • Chips with less sodium can be a good snack and dip it in salsa.
  • Mini pizza is another idea for sure.
  • And fresh fruits are basically essential. Let your kids have it easily in the place that can be reached by them. Or you can simply stock your refrigerator with fresh fruits so.

Healthy snack options on the go

Sometimes you need to bring snacks for your kids for bus trips or road trips with the family. Preparing the right one will keep your kids energized without having to leave the essential needed nutrition.

Dried fruits are a good option. And you can pair it with unsalted nuts. It will make a very nice snack on the road. Still, about fruits, you can consider preparing fresh fruits as well. In case your kids need to take it on short notice, they can grab it.

Cheese sticks are a kid’s favorite. But you need to make sure they consume the best ones. So, prepare a low-fat kind of cheese sticks for their snacks.

Since it is about snacking on the go, small containers that can be reused later will be a nice place to store the snack.

Rules for snacking

They are just kids. So they need to be taught about some rules in order to keep anything in the right place. Since overweight could attack anyone, snacking is also one of the huge contributors. Setting some ground rules will help your kids to appreciate themselves.

Snacking time should be in the kitchen or dining room or at the table. Your kids cannot have snacks while watching TV or other screen time. This rule is also applicable to adults, obviously. This helps to avoid overeating.

Snacks like pretzels and popcorn will be better to be served on the bowl to measure the portion. Letting the kids snacking directly from the box or bag will not be a good habit. Besides, you can see the serving manual and you better stick with it. If there is no serving instruction then you can measure it by yourself.

When it comes to snack time, you better provide plain water or milk with low-fat intake or homemade unsweetened juice instead of fruit-flavored drinks or soda. The juice is recommended for kids. But you should adjust it with their age.

As we have said earlier, snacks are good things for kids especially they need energy after getting off of school. Preparing the snacks on your own with curated ingredients will allow your kids to have better and healthier snacks.

Other than that, snacks are various and mostly simple so preparing snacks for your kids will be a fun thing to do. For your convenience, you may want to prepare the ingredients or stock your refrigerator with healthy things. Just make sure you follow healthy snack recipes for kids.

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