Healthy Great-Tasting Recipes for Healthier Life

Healthy Great-Tasting Recipes for Healthier Life

Healthy Great-Tasting Recipes for Healthier Life

Everyone requires food to keep one’s life. You shouldn’t eat random foods. Healthy great tasting recipes are enough to make you healthy. You should eat foods with the complete composition in which it must contain protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, and its fibers. It is sufficiently enriching your nutritional intake.

The Criteria of Healthy Great Tasting Recipes

There are some criteria for being healthy great tasting recipes. The criteria must be considered and concerned in order to eat healthy foods for your life.

Less Salt

Food containing salt must be limited its consumption. If you like, you should food recipes and menu with less salt. The limitation of salt consumption is especially for the sufferers of hypertension. Your hypertension can appear if you eat foods containing a lot of salt.

Less MSG

This is still a discussed topic. There are some people claiming that this food is safe, but some think that it shouldn’t be consumed. All foods containing much MSG are surely not great for your health. It is not only consuming MSG only but eating too much can make obesity.

Less Oil

The oil is not consumed. It means that healthy great tasting recipes contain less oil in the cooking process. If you cook with oil, the temperature will be high. So, the possibility of nutritional substances in the food will be damaged and also high. In addition, consuming dry foods increase cholesterol intake. If the oil used has black color, it is unhealthy for your health. Free radicals in the oil will be high.

Sufficient Fiber Content

The fiber contains vegetables and fruits. The consumption of fibers is very great for your health. If you dislike consuming fruits and vegetables, you can choose a food recipe containing fruits and vegetables. The recipes are dominant with vegetables and fruits being your food menu.

Less Preservative

This will be most risky because you never know that your consumed food contains preservatives. It shouldn’t contain in the food. If the used preservative is not for food, you must prevent it. If it is especially food preservative, don’t eat it every day.

Ideal Cooked Level

Food that is not cooked very well is afraid of being a dangerous bacteria. Cook the food perfectly. If you don’t cook it, dangerous bacteria can cause diseases. It makes you diarrhea but the dangerous effect can cause fatal.

Less Fat

Fat is needed for your body. However, the level is not much. A sufficient level is used to meet daily consumption. If you eat many fats, it can cause increased cholesterol. It is causing obesity.

Some Healthy Great Tasting Recipes to Cook

Healthy great tasting recipes are the right choice to serve healthy foods for the family at home. The healthy recipes are meeting the consumption of many vitamins and nutritions for your body. These are some recipes for healthy foods.

Rainbow Veggie Tamagoyaki

This becomes a healthy food recipe to cook. In order to make it round perfectly with a perfect texture, you can do some tricks. It needs to try. It is a food recipe taking inspirations from Tamago, a Japanese omelette. This is different from a common omelet. Tamago is processed in different ways gradually and then rolls it so that it doesn’t too thick.

You can add vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, and peppers to the egg mixture. The varied vegetables will create rainbow effects in the omelet so that it looks interesting and tasty to eat when you eat this rolling omelet. The color look of this food encourages people to eat it. It has amazing nutrition benefits from vegetables being this food healthy.

Eggplant Pizza Bites

Who doesn’t like pizza? All family members will love this food. If you buy pizza from restaurants, it is not surely hygiene and nutritional content ensured. Why don’t you try to make homemade pizza? By making your own pizza, you are able to control the cleanliness of ingredients and nutritional content needed by your kids. In addition, you can freely do innovation to make different pizza creations.

If the common pizza uses bread to be its base material, in the food recipe, you will use purple eggplant to be pizza topping. In addition, to be delicious, eggplant pizza bites are delicious and nutritional. Purple eggplant contains flavonoids getting beneficial to be antioxidant and stimulate blood circulation. This recipe is appropriate for being a snacking menu for everyone.

Chicken Soup

For the people who get difficult to eat, soup menus especially broth will be helpful to add their appetite. Chicken soup is one of the healthy great tasting recipes to cook at home. There are some ingredients that you will need. Those are chicken breast, carrot, celery, potato, garlic, salt, and broth seasoning. Cut cooked chicken breast with vegetables based on your taste after being cleaned before. Cut all vegetables. Heat the water and boil chicken breast until it is cooked. Put carrot and potato and boil it until it is cooked. Saute garlic, salt, and pepper. Pour chicken soup and stir it well. Add broth seasoning and celery and cook it well.


Sometimes, parents want to serve delicious and healthy foods. Pancake will be a serving variant despite bread and white rice. To make this pancake, you will need multipurpose flour, baking soda, salt, egg, baking powder, and butter. The cooking ways are mixing flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and baking powder. In a bowl, mix butter, egg, and milk well to the dry mixture until it gets soft. Pour ¼ dough into a pan and cook it until the color changes to be golden. You can serve it with honey or syrup.

This pancake contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrition for your body health. You shouldn’t cook it with vegetable oil. Change it with margarine or butter for cooking the pancake. The pancake is useful to change your breakfast menu and being healthy great tasting recipes to cook at home. Try to cook these healthy food recipes to serve on the dining table for breakfast, dinner, and launch.

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