10 Foods You Should Eat Every Day to Lose Weight

10 Foods You Should Eat Every Day to Lose Weight

There are foods you should eat every day to lose weight. Most people definitely want to have an ideal body shape and weight, Even though some other people were already comfortable with their own body shape and weight.

Lowering the body’s weight is not easy and it requires a long process. Therefore, you need to do the diet consistently and the patient undergoes the process.

However, before you know the list of foods that can help you to lose weight, you also need to find out the reason why you gain weight.

The main factor that becomes the reason why you are gaining weight is because of food. Thus, you have to manage your diets by choosing carefully what foods you should and should not consume.

Besides, other reasons why you are gaining weight due to the lack of activity of exercise.

In fact, doing exercise is very important. Not only it can maintain the health of your body but also it can burn the fat in your body. By doing a regular exercise, it can also maintain your body’s weight, so that it will not increase easily by managing the diet at the same time.

Having an ideal body shape is everyone’s dream because not only it means that you are flexible to move your body but also it enhances your physical appearance, especially for a woman. Thus, there are many people who put their best effort to lose weight by knowing foods you should eat every day to lose weight as below

[1] Egg

Try changing your breakfast with a menu that can burn fats such as eggs. You can change the breakfast menu with the sunny side up.

According to a journal, egg, in fact, gives you more glut compare to carbohydrates.

Besides, the egg can also prevent you from eating more.

If you want to lower your body’s weight, then, eating a sunny side up can be a good reference as a healthy menu diet in the morning.

Because it is proven as a food that can help you lower your body’s weight up to 65%.

[2] Solid grains or oat

Besides egg, you can also consume oat as a breakfast menu.

The food ingredients made from solid grains are proven to help people lowering the fats content in the belly.

A study shows that solid grains or oat can help to reduce your fatty stomach.

Moreover, in other studies of 3000 men and women, it is shown that they who consume oat are succeeded to get ideal body shape with a flat stomach.

The categories of oats that they consume are including quinoa, red rice, wheat, cereals, wheat bread, and pasta.

[3] Yogurt

One of the best food sources which contain a lot of calcium is yogurt.

The food that you can enjoy in a cup can help to make your diet program successful.

Because according to a journal, the calcium content can help the body’s weight increased.

[4] Pistachio nuts

We all have known that pistachio nuts are kinds of food that contain fats.

However, they are different from pistachio nuts that contain unsaturated fat, so it is healthy to consume.

Besides, pistachio nuts are also kinds of common nuts that can add fiber and protein intake to your body.

Moreover, pistachio nuts can help you to lower the appetite to eat.

Thus, it can automatically help you lowering the body’s weight for the people who are running the diet program.

You can consume this kind of food as a great menu solution for your diet program.

[5] Avocado

This green-colored fruit is believed for giving you a lot of health benefits.

Besides, it can be served as a juice, another function of avocado is to help you decrease your body’s weight and hip size.

Many scientists consider that unsaturated fats contained in avocado can increase the number of leptin hormone that makes you stop eating because your brain can make you think that you are already full.

[6] Green beans

Another kind of food you should eat every day to lose weight is the green beans.

It contains flavonoids that can turn into protein sources.

A study for 14 years has shown that green beans contain special antioxidant content that can help you reduce the excess fat in your belly.

[7] Vegetables and rice

Consuming vegetables is indeed very good to maintain your body in ideal shape.

Vegetables such as broccoli and carrot are good options to eat along with rice.

This combination can decrease the calorie intake of your body.

By consuming vegetables and rice for lunch can slow down the belly from emptiness, thus the state of satiety will also stay long.

Besides, it can also help you to decrease the night meal portion.

[8] Pomelo

Next, you may probably have been aware of Pomelo.

This kind of fruit is well known as one of the fruits that can help you to lower your body’s weight.

According to a journal, Pomelo is believed for helping someone decreasing body weight.

[9] Olive oil

Olive oil which has a rich flavor, is in fact, can help you reduce your body’s weight.

This kind of oil contains oleic acid or single-unsaturated fats.

Usually, you can find the olive oil content in salad and marinade.

In addition, oleic acid can trigger a complicated process in our intestines where this acid content will directly conduct our brain to think that we are already full and makes you stop eating.

Lastly, another benefit of olive oil is it can make our heart healthy just like a Mediterranean eating style.

[10] Red chili

To Asian people, eating spicy food can increase food appetite because it can make the taste of food becomes more delicious.

However, compared to western, red chili tends to be used as an effective tool to lower the body’s weight as it can reduce the appetite for eating.

According to scientists, a plate of cayenne, jalapeno, or red chili contains capsaicin which means it is a kind of ingredient that can trigger the spicy flavor.

Those are all 10 simple yet powerful foods you should eat every day to lose weight.

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