Yogurt Weight Loss and the Overall Truth

Yogurt Weight Loss and the Overall Truth

Although there are some claims about the so-called yogurt weight loss, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guaranteed to lose weight when consuming the yogurt. Sure, yogurt contains some of the healthy and nutritious substances that can help your weight loss goal but it doesn’t make it 100% effective for the weight loss goal. You need to remember that every person has their own body mechanism and it is different from one another. So, what can you do when you want to include yogurt in your weight loss program?

The Facts about Yogurt

It is true that most plain yogurts come with nonfat variants – and they are great to boost your weight loss goal. However, you should remember that yogurt should be your replacement for your not-so-healthy meal. What’s the point of consuming yogurt if your daily consumption is still unhealthy like usual? If you decide to lose weight, it means that you realize that there is something wrong with your lifestyle – and you are determined to make it better by turning to a healthier system.

Yogurt contains calcium, riboflavin, protein, zinc, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, potassium, and vitamin B-12 that can improve your health. According to some weight loss research, people who can increase their calcium intake per day –around 1,300 mg – taken from dairy products have a bigger chance to gain more efficient weight loss result up to 70%. Moreover, they can improve their fat loss chances of up to 64% which is quite nice. Consuming yogurt weight loss can help to remove fats from the belly and other trunk areas. But then again, further studies are still needed because not all studies are showing the same results. In some studies, there are no significant outcomes or results from consuming yogurt.

Types of Yogurt

Naturally, when you want to lose weight, you need to control your intake. Your intake calorie should be lower than the ones you burn. The key to effective weight loss in relation to yogurt consumption is to consume the plain and the nonfat type. Of course, there are other options, like the whole milk or low-fat yogurt but the nonfat and plain type will be just the best. It only has 137 calories a cup. It is satisfying and fulfilling, and it helps you get the fuller effect for a longer time so you won’t get hungry easily which can lead to overeating.

Be careful of the Greek yogurt because they are coming in different variants. If you want to achieve an effective result, choose the plain and nonfat Greek yogurt weight loss instead of the regular one.