Whole Grains for Weight Loss Calories Types

Whole Grains for Weight Loss Calories Types

Eating whole grains for weight loss can actually help you lose weight – that is, if you know which one to consume safely and which one to avoid. The key to successful weight loss is to be determined and disciplined about your consumption and your overall lifestyle. If you are able to do this, then you should be good to go.

Whole Grains Facts

When you choose whole grains for weight loss, you want something like hasn’t been processed or ground. You want something that is still intact, such as the whole oats, buckwheat groats, brown rice, or unhulled barley whose kernels haven’t been turned to flour. In short, you want the unprocessed and ungrounded type of whole grains. Once they have been processed, especially when they are turned to flour, then their calories have added up. A pound of unprocessed whole grains contains around 500 calories, which are considered enough for your needs. It should be fulfilling and yet it won’t be making you deal with the weight gain.

The Good and the Bad Whole Grains

You have learned about the health facts of the whole grains and the healthy types. Be aware, though, of the unhealthy ones, such as whole-grain bagels, crackers, chips, and bread. Although they have the ‘whole grain’ names on them, it doesn’t make them low in calories. Why are they bad for your health? Because their kernels have been processed and turned into flour. The process itself will add calories to the products. Do you know that whole grain bread have at least 1,200 calories within a pound? The whole grain chips themselves pack around 1,750 calories a pound.

Ways to Deal with the Weight Loss Success

The processed whole grains usually come in dry grains so they are compact and yet less fulfilling. The unprocessed ones, on the other hand, are generally cooked with water – you need to soak them. It makes them bulky and somewhat more fulfilling but such a process won’t add up the calories. Take a look at brown rice or whole oats and you will understand what I’m talking about.

In the end, you need to practice a healthy diet and lifestyle. Focus on veggies and fruits, and add them with nuts, seeds, and whole grains – but make sure to choose the healthy one. If you are able to do so, then you should be able to shed off the extra fats with the whole grains for weight loss efforts.