Healthy Breaks: Healthy Food to Eat For Lunch

Healthy Food to Eat For Lunch

When we think about lunch, we think about the food that is comforting, but do you know that there are several selections of healthy food to eat for lunch? These healthy foods will certainly serve your tongue AND your health well simply because the foods that I will list here will have lots of nutrition within them.

So without wasting any more of our minutes, let us begin with the first food on the list:

Veggie burgers, Hawaiian style

For those who said that burgers cannot be tasty without meat, I can solemnly swear that you are a bit off in the head.

For this one burger, what you will need are 1 whole-wheat-bun, a veggie burger patty, smashed avocado, pineapple (because nothing sounds more Hawaii than pineapple), BBQ sauce, and some alfalfa sprouts. Stack all of them according to your liking (and according to the logic behind burgers. One cannot call it a burger when the patty is not between the buns).

If you want some side dishes to go with them, you can add sweet potato fries to the side.

Your ordinary wrap, but with turkey instead of other nasty stuffs

Although turkey (the animal one, not the country) is big and looks fatty on the inside, the meat inside is not fatty. Turkey is considered the leanest chicken-like animal of them all, and that is why I recommend you switch any other nasty stuff in your wrap with turkey meat. Hummus, baby spinach, goat cheese, and the wrap itself are the only things you will need for this particularly filling dish.

E.T.A. sandwich

‘B-but sandwich is not that healthy’

In that you are right, but do you know what are the things that can be called a sandwich? The sandwich is a sandwich because something is sandwiched between two different things. In this case, the major food ingredients are sandwiched between two other ingredients to make them hold them all up. Your ordinary sandwich usually contains eggs, bacon, and cheese, but not the E.T.A. one.

Sure we still keep the eggs in, but the E.T.A. sandwich kissed the bacon and cheese goodbye. In their place are tomato and avocado, which are both MUCH healthier than bacon and cheese. The tomato substitutes the bacon for the crunch while the avocado substitutes the cheese for the spread. This is healthy food to eat for lunch that I think is very creative.

Peanut Butter and jelly (it got almond in it)

While peanut butter is not that good (it can be well provided you did not eat too much of the object), almond peanut butter is somehow good. Although almonds can be poisonous for some people, it is still a great option if you do not see almonds as poison. Get yourself an almond peanut butter, whole-wheat toast, and jelly (jam for the cultured people. Find one that has the less-sugar label within it if you can).

Chicken and (brown) rice stir-fry

I love stir-fries and I love chicken. At the same time, I like being healthy as well. Fortunately for me, I have in my possession a recipe that fulfills my cravings for a healthy stir fry. This recipe calls for brown rice, chicken breast, shiitake mushrooms, red and green pepper, red onion, and olive oil. Edamame is a good companion for this particular dish for reasons that I myself do not know.

Stuffed sweet potato

Have you ever eaten a stuffed potato? The thing is good, but it is not that good for your health.

That is why I shall introduce to you something called stuffed SWEET potato. As we all know, sweet potato is often healthier than our normal potato. Replace cream with avocado because they all taste the same anyway and you will get this dish. I am calling this the best healthy food to eat for lunch.