The Healthy Eating Guide: Healthy Foods to Eat for Breakfast

Healthy Foods to Eat for Breakfast

If you want to start living a healthy life, why not take the first step by perusing these healthy foods to eat for breakfast? Breakfast, as we all know, is the most important meal of the day because of many reasons. One of those reasons being the fact that breakfasts can and will jumpstart your brain and your metabolism, making you work better under any environment and under any circumstances (unless that circumstance requires you to off yourself). A good metabolism means a healthy body, and a healthy body means a happy life.

Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not all food can be good food for breakfast. Eating a leftover pizza is not breakfast (technically it is because you are breaking the fast. Many, however, have denied the fact that leftover dinner items are not breakfasted items). To have a breakfast that is considered good, one should always balance the taste and the nutritional content within the breakfast itself. That is why I recommend you take highly nutritious food for your breakfast.

But what makes food nutritious? What are the examples of nutritious foods that you can make? This article here will tell you all the breakfast foods you can make. Not only that these breakfast foods will be healthy, I think they are tasty as well.

Oatmeal, one that is savoury and topped with egg

Oatmeal is often eaten sweet because they taste good that way. They are regarded as better eaten sweet by the mass and I have no problem with that.

Just like I have no problem with people who are wrong to the common core.

I think oatmeal is an amazing thing to eat. Not because they are amazingly tasty when eaten tasty, but because of how ‘adaptive’ they are when we are talking about cooking with them. Although eating them sweet is the norm, eating them savoury is a norm-breaker that is not only tasty, but also creative in away.  I recommend this food simply because it is healthy and because it breaks the food norm.

First, you will only need to prepare your oatmeal the ordinary way: Add milk or water on top of the oatmeal first before you switch the cinnamon or sugar with salt and pepper. When you are done with it, go poach an egg, slide it on top of the oatmeal, and add something else for taste (cheese works well. Anything crunchy can also be added to balance the texture).

Toast, but not the ordinary one (spoiler: there is a tomato in it)

This food is what I call the macadamia ricotta tomatoes because it uses macadamia ricotta and it has a tomato on top of a toast. This is pretty simple to make because you will only need to have tomato, toast, and macadamia ricotta. Toast the bread, season it, throw the cheese, and add the tomato slices. You are all set after that last part.

If you do not like tomato, then sucks to be you.

Toast again, just with avocado this time

If the tomato is not to your liking, then perhaps avocados will serve you well. Just get yourself some bread, some avocado, and an egg or two. Make this one a savoury dish because nothing is better than eating savoury food.

Chocolate but healthy for quinoa reasons

How can we make chocolate healthy? By adding quinoa and fruits, of course! To have this dish, just grab a bowl of quinoa, fruits, and the chocolate itself. This will be the only sweet dish in these healthy foods to eat for the breakfast list, so sweet lovers beware.

Breakfast burritos with a bit of twist

I have seen breakfast burritos all over the world, but nothing tops this one because this one is healthy. Introducing to you the sweet potato and black beans burrito. Not only that this one will have a weird combination of taste (that works, of course). This will only need your usual breakfast burrito recipe, but instead of potato or bacon or other meat products, you add black beans and sweet potato as the filling. This will make one of the tastiest of healthy foods to eat for breakfast.