The Beneficial Substances and Health Benefit of Noni Juice

Health Benefit of Noni Juice

Aside from being a source of carbohydrates and fiber, Morinda Citrilolia – which is also called Noni fruit – is also rich in vitamins A and C, niacin and iron.

This fruit is often used as the ingredients of salads and juice by some people. But there are also people who dislike the stinging fruit aroma and the soft texture its flesh.

Despite its smelly aroma, Noni has many health benefits.

Beneficial substances contained in Noni fruit

Noni fruit contains antioxidants, the substances that can stimulate the immune system and are effective to fight against tumors. Besides, the fruit also contains the following beneficial substances:

1. Terpenoids

The terpenoids are useful for assisting organic synthesis in the recovery of body cells

2. Anti-bacterial substances

These substances can kill infectious bacteria and control lethal bacteria, like Pseudomonas aerginosa, Staphylococcus, Bacillus subtilis, and escheria coli).

3. Anticancer that can fight abnormal cells that cause cancer symptoms

4. Protein, minerals, vitamins, and Selenium

5. Scopoletin

The Scoloptein is useful for preventing inflammation and allergies

For those of you who don’t like the aroma and texture of this fruit, eating Noni fruit directly might be disgusting. That is why in order to get the benefits of this fruit without smelling its strong aroma, you can consume it in form of juice.

Health Benefit of Noni Juice

By drinking noni fruit juice, you can consume scopetelin that can widen your blood vessels. This condition will improve blood circulation. In addition, this substance also proved to have other benefits as follows:

1. Maintaining your health during bad weather

The substances contained in Noni juice are good to maintain the endurance of your body stamina. This juice is also good to consume by children. Consumption of noni juice regularly in the rainy days and bad weather is very good and useful because the antioxidant contents are able to maintain your children’s immune system three times stronger.

That is why noni juice is said to be good for treating coughs and colds. It can also be used as an appetite enhancer.

2. Treating jaundice and malaria

Besides, the juice can also be used as a home remedy for relieving jaundice due to liver inflammation, treating malaria, getting rid of an excess cholesterol, and reducing hypertension.

3. Treating allergies

The regular consumption of noni juice is believed to be effective to relieve allergies, especially those which are caused by the decrease of the immune system. In addition, noni juice can effectively overcome inflammation in the skin due to the allergies.

4. Treating diabetes

The next health benefit of Noni juice is to treat diabetes. The important compounds – one of them is proxeronine –  in Noni are very useful for reducing the glucose level in your blood.

5. Overcoming insomnia

Regular consumption of noni juice – especially in the afternoon – is believed to be able to improve your sleep cycle. It can help you sleep tight thanks to the existing serotonin and melatonin compounds that can provide a calm effect on the nerves. This condition, of course, can improve the quality of sleep better. This is the reason why noni juice is suitable to treat patients with insomnia or night sleep disorder symptoms.