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The SECRET of Green Tea Immune System You Should Know!

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The SECRET of Green Tea Immune System You Should Know! The catechins, which are antioxidant polyphenol compounds, in green tea have demonstrated benefits for the immune system. A double-blind study of 500 people put an ointment made of either a green tea extract sinecatechin, or a placebo, on anogenital warts for a period of up to 4 months. They were followed for 3 months after treatment.

The results were positive. More than half (57%) of those using the green tea extract had their warts clear completely. Only 34% of those using a placebo did. And a whopping 78% of those who used the sinecatechin ointment experienced at least a 50% improvement in their warts.

Another study that sheds light on the green tea-immune system relationship, was a research project released by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2003. It showed that theanine may help the immune system when it was faced with infection, by boosting the activity of the gamma delta T cells that are part of our adaptive and innate immunity.

This study followed 11 coffee drinkers and 10 black tea drinkers who each drank 600ml of their favorite drink per day. At the end of 4 weeks blood samples were taken that showed production of these anti-bacterial proteins were up to 5 times higher in the group that drank tea.

Even though this study was done using black tea, it is still very relevant to green tea, as the active constituent responsible for this effect, theanine, is present in both. (Both black and green tea are actually from the same plant – the differences in the beverages come from differences in fermentation and processing).

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