7 DAYS Keto Diet for Beginners Tips and Meal Plan

Keto diet for beginners 7 day meal plan may rarely heard by some people. Keto diet or ketogenic diet is a new kind and method of diet. This kind of diet is one of low carbohydrate diets which changes the body into a machine of fats burner, where the body will produce keton in liver to be used as energy.

When you do ketogenic diet, you need to consume foods which contain low carbohydrate or not to consume carbohydrate at all, and increase the consumption of fats. The fats should be the good fats which does not make the health of your body become worse.

So, what is keton exactly? Keton is an alternative body fuels which are used by the body when it lacks of glucose.

Keton is produced if consume less carbohydrate under your daily carbohydrate intake. Keton is produced in liver and gotten from fats in the body. It is then used as a fuel in the entire body including brain.

When you do ketogenic diet, your body will divert its supply of fuel almost entirely from fats. The level of insulin in your body will be very low, and the fat burning will drastically increase. This will then affect on your weight loss.

For some people, ketogenic diet is an extreme diet. Because it includes fasting in the process. For you who want to try or just want to know about ketogenic diet, here are the meal plans when you are on ketogenic diet.

Menu for Ketogenic Diet

When you are on ketogenic diet, you are required to consume foods that contain a high level of good fats, and consume less carbohydrate. That way, this kind of diet will give an effect of effective machine of fats burner.

When you consume more fats than carbohydrate, so that your body does not have enough carbohydrate to be changed into energy for the cells inside your body, the fats will be a replacement to be burned into energy for your body.

So that it will give effect on weight loss. You just need to consistently control your dietary habit when you are on this ketogenic diet. Here are some meal plans for ketogenic diet for the next 7 days.

Day 1

Breakfast: Consume high fats of meat such as beef or lamb. Combine with carrots, tomatoes, eggs, and celeries.

Lunch: Consume vegetables salad with lemon juice and olive oil for the dressing. You are able to add almond, mint leaves, sesames, shrimps, chicken breast pieces, and cheese.

Dinner: Salad made from sea food, celeries, asparagus, garlics, red onions, spring onions, cheese, lettuce, peppers, and broccoli.

Snacks: nuts, an apple, and strawberries.

Day 2

Breakfast: High fats meat such as beef and lamb. Combine it with eggs, tomatoes, garlics, and lettuce. Mix pure olive oil and lemon juice for the salad dressing.

Lunch: Milk or milkshake, vegetables salad without any meats addition, add sesames, celeries, and eggs to the vegetables salad.

Dinner: Vegetables salad and processed meats such as meatballs. Add red onions, peppers, tomatoes, and leeks.

Snacks: Strawberries and boiled eggs.

Day 3

Breakfast: Milkshake or milk

Lunch: Vegetables salad with fish or shrimps. You are able to add sesames, cheese, mint leaves, and peppers. Mix pure olive oil and lemon juice for the salad dressing.

Dinner: Vegetables salad with meats, peppers, celeries, tomatoes, and cheese.

Snacks: avocados, apples, and handful of nuts.

Day 4

Breakfast: Eggs, peppers, tomatoes, leeks, garlic and spices.

Lunch: Vegetables salad added with peppers, sesames, and cheese. Mix olive oil and lemon juice as the salad dressing.

Dinner: Salad with a few pieces of chicken breasts, peppers, tomatoes, leeks, celeries, corns, and cheese cream. Only use pure olive oil as the salad dressing.

Snacks: Berries and a spoonful of dried fruits.

Day 5

Breakfast: Consume low fat yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is better. Also consume low calory milk and dark chocolate.

Lunch: Stir fry of meats which contain high level of fats such as beef and lambs. Combine the stir fry with cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, corns. Add some sesames and coconut oil on top of it.

Dinner: Boiled eggs with peppers, broccoli, red onions, tomatoes, carrots, and corns. Add cheese on top of it.

Snacks: a handful of almonds, an apple, and an orange

Day 6

Breakfast: Vegetables salad without any meats or seafoods. Add some tomatoes, peppers, celeries, mint leaves, lettuce and boiled eggs. For the salad dressing, mix olive oil and lemon juice. Add cheese on top of the salad.

Lunch: Processed meats such as meatballs or ham. Combine it with tomatoes, peppers, celeries, spices, leeks, and cheese.

Dinner: Vegetables salad without any meats, fish, or shrimps. Combine it with spices, boiled eggs, and mint leaves. Add cheese, and sesame on top of the salad.

Snacks: Low fat yoghurt, an orange, a pineapple, and a handful of almonds.

Day 7

Breakfast: Fried eggs combined with peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots, corns, mushrooms, red onions. Add some sesames and pure olive oil on top of it.

Lunch: Cheese, red onions, peppers, combined with processed meats such as hams or meatballs.

Dinner: Vegetables salad without any meats, fish, or shrimps. Add some mint leaves and peppers. For the salad dressing, mix lemon juice with coconut oil.

Snacks: Boiled eggs, apples, and oranges.

Tips for Ketogenic Diet

Because ketogenic diet is said as low carbohydrate diet, of course in this kind of diet you need to focus to change your dietary habit in order to avoid excess carbohydrate intake.

If you want to really try this kind of diet, there are some things you need to be concerned, so that your ketogenic diet can be succeed and you get the result from the diet. Here are some tips if you want to try ketogenic diet.

Pay Attention at Your Body Health

Before you start to do ketogenic diet, you need to be concerned about your body health. If it is needed, consult to the doctor or nutritionist. It is because ketogenic diet should be done by those who have normal health of body and not suitable for those who have chronic disease.

Consume Virgin Coconut Oil

VCO or virgin coconut oil is able to help your body to reach ketosis quickly. It is because coconut oil contains the kind of fat which is called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

Not like any other kinds of fats, MCTs is quickly absorbed and brought to liver, where it is able to be quickly used for energy or changed into keton.

Consuming virgin coconut oil every single day when you are on ketogenic diet is a rightest step.

When you add virgin coconut oil in your meal plan, it will be better if you add it gradually in order to minimize the side effect of digestion such as diarrhea.

Start with a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil a day until 2 or 3 spoons every day for a week.

Work Out Regularly

When you are on ketogenic diet, you are suggested to do physical activity regularly.

When you are working out, your body will actively spend glycogen which is a back up of energy in your body, so that your body will quickly reach the method of ketosis.

If you already have minimized the consumption of carbohydrate, the supply of glycogen of course will be low. As the response, you liver will increase the production of keton, which is able to be used as alternative source of fuels for your muscles in your body.

Increase the Consumption of Healthy Fat

By consuming healthy fat, you are able to increase the level of keton in your body so that it is able to help your body to quickly reach ketosis. Ketogenic diet suggests you to limit the consumption of carbohydrate, but not for the consumption of fats.

Ketogenic diet for weight loss, metabolic health, and physical performance, usually provide between 60% to 80% of calories from fat. Classic ketogenic diet for epilepsy even need a higher level of fat, usually 85% to 90% calories from fat.

Then, because fat forms a huge percentage of ketogenic diet, it is important of high quality source. You are able to get the best source of fat from pure olive oil, avocado oil, virgin coconut oil, butter, and etc. Besides, there are a lot of healthy foods which contain a high level of fats and also low level of carbohydrate.

Fasting is able to Help Your Body Quickly Reach Ketosis

Another way to reach ketosis is by fasting. By fasting, you actually indirectly doing the diet of ketogenic. Because when you are fasting you routinely decrease the consumption of carbohydrate. But the problem is, when people break fasting, they crazily consume a lot of carbohydrate. It is the reason why ketogenic diet does not succeed.

In order to maximize ketogenic diet when you are fasting, you are still suggested to limit the consumption of carbohydrate. To get additional energy, you are able to get it from fats.

When you are fasting for ketogenic diet, you are still allowed to drink water, coffee, or tea without any sugar or low calorie sugar. It is done in order to trigger the process of ketogenesis when the backup of carbohydrate in the body and liver runs out.

So that it is able to increase the response of immune system, speed up the detoxification, and giving a chance of improvement on all of the cells in your entire body. The range of fasting is various, you need to do it gradually.

For the first until the second week, you are able to fasting from 12 hours to 16 hours.

For the next week, you are able to increase the range of fasting to 18 hours. In this phase, your body is triggered to use and spend all of the back up of glucose in the form of glycogen on muscle mass and body liver.

The purpose is when the glucose is spent out, then your body will start to produce keton in liver as the replacement of glucose for fuel for your entire body, including the cells in the brain.

The range of fasting is also able to reach 20 hours to 23 hours, but some people think that it is too extreme.

Keep the Consumption of Protein Stable

In order to reach ketosis, you need to get enough consumption of protein. But it is not supposed to be too much, because for some people, decreasing the consumption of protein to increase the production of keton is not a healthy way.

It is important to consume protein because it is able to supply liver with amino acid.

The amino acid is then processed into gluconeogenesis, which means producing new glucose inside your body.

In this process, your liver will provide glucose for some cells and organ inside your body which cannot use keton as the fuel, such as red blood cells and some parts of your kidneys and your brain.

The second, the consumption of protein needs to be high enough to maintain muscle mass when the consumption of carbohydrate is low, especially when you are trying to lose some weights of your body.

Even though weight loss usually causes the loss of muscle and fat, consuming enough protein will be able to help to maintain the muscle mass when you are on ketogenic diet.

But consuming too much protein is also able to cause the level of ketosis becomes low. For losing some weights of your body, you are able to consume between 0.6 grams to 0.8 grams protein per pound of body mass without fat.

For example, if your ideal body weight is 130 pound or 59 kg, your intake of protein should be between 71 grams to 100 grams. That is how you measure the need of protein intake when you are on ketogenic diet.

Drink a lot of Water

Water, in any case is really beneficial for the health of your body. Especially in making the ketogenic diet you do becomes successful.

When you are on ketogenic diet, it will be better if you try to drink a lot of water.

Try to drink water 3 times more than you usually drink water when you are not on ketogenic diet. In this case, water is really useful not only maintaining the vital parts of your body, but also controlling your hunger.

Be Careful about Your Snack

Not only ketogenic diet, you need to be careful about choosing your snack when you are doing any kinds of diet.

When you are on ketogenic diet, it will be better if you replace your unhealthy snack with nuts such as almonds and fruits.

Fruits such as apple, berries, orange, and avocado are good for ketogenic diet.

Choose the Right Menu of Ketogenic Diet

Choosing the right menu of ketogenic diet will determine the result of ketogenic diet you are doing.

When you are on ketogenic diet, you are free to choose the kinds of food you want to eat, but still refers to the main rules of the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic means low carbohydrate, high fats, and standard consumption of protein.

The example of foods which are suitable for you to eat when you are doing ketogenic diet are meats which contain a high level of fats such as beef and lamb, fish, butter, pure olive oil, pure coconut oil, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, eggplant, asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, peppers, basil, and etc.

Basically, all kinds of vegetables are good to be consumed when you are on ketogenic diet.

On the other hand, the kinds of food you need to avoid are like sodas, bananas, potatoes, pasta, oats, rice, juice, beer, chocolate, candies and sweets, and etc.

If you are confused to plan meal menu for your ketogenic diet, you are able to order catering menu of ketogenic diet in the catering places which provide menu for ketogenic diet in your town.

Since this kind of diet is pretty popular nowadays, there may catering places the provides ketogenic diet menu meal. Or you are able to look for the menu meal of ketogenic diet on the internet.

The menu meal of ketogenic diet is various, so that you do not have to be worried about getting bored eating the meal.

Pay Attention at the Eating Composition

When you are doing diet of ketogenic, you need to pay attention at the eating composition.

For the source of calorie, consume 75% of fat, 20% of protein, and 5% carbohydrate.

If you consume more than 50 grams of carbohydrate a day will automatically fail the diet of ketogenic you are doing. It is because consuming more than 50 grams of carbohydrate will fail the process of ketosis in your body.

Start the Diet with Light Way

If you want to try ketogenic diet, start it with light way. Start by decreasing the consumption of foods which contain a lot of carbohydrate such as pasta, rice, oats, and bread. Those are the tips of keto diet for beginners 7 day meal.