Baked Balsamic Chicken Pan with Vegetables and Italian Mixture Recipe

Here presented to you a baked balsamic chicken pan with vegetables and Italian mixture as ideal summer dinner.

Massive amounts of taste are available with this. How delicious it is for your household is the extra perks.

This is a recipe that doesn’t carry long but please your relatives, which suits the proposal. Are you ready?

Prep time : 30 minutes (6 hours for prior marinating)

Cook time :50– 60minutes

Total time : 80– 90minutes

Yield :3 – 4


1 head broccoli; chopped into small pieces

1 cup baby carrot

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

6 – 8 halves baby carrot

½ pint cherry tomatoes

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 head cauliflower; chopped into small pieces

Pepper and salt for personal taste

½ cup Zesty Italian dressing

1 ½ pounds chicken tenders

6 tbsp balsamic vinegars

Cooking Instructions

First thing you need to do is prepare a large bag. Put zesty Italian dressing and balsamic vinegar into a bowl and whisk them together until well combined. After that, insert the chicken tenders, 1/3 cup of balsamic and the previously made Italian mixture into the large bag. Seal it closely and marinate in the fridge for around 3 minutes. You can wait for up to 6 hours long if you want the seasoning seeped in evenly.

After the first has been carried out, ready the oven and preheat to 400o Fahrenheit. Take a non-sticky tray and spray it with cooking or olive oil. Set aside.

Take a large bowl, then put cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and potatoes along with garlic powder, olive oil, and Italian seasoning. Sprinkle with pepper and salt according to your personal taste.

Prepare a pan and put the vegetables onto it. Roast the vegetables in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes then take it out.

Turn the vegetables upside down then push them to the pan sides and put the previously marinated chicken tender in the middle of the pan. Remove the marinade, and rub over the remaining balsamic and Italian mixture all over the chicken along with added tomatoes.

Put all of them back into the oven and cook for approximately 7 to 15 minutes. The cooking duration should depend on your chicken size. Take a constant watch so you don’t burn them.

Take out from the oven. Spread the remaining Italian mixture and balsamic. If desired, add extra parsley. Serve immediately.