Tasty Summer Pan Shrimp with Garlic Cream Recipe

This creamy shrimp is completely delightful. This simplistic but unbelievable creamy garlic shrimp is all absolutely crazy.

Turn ingredients into an awesome supper that you probably already have in your fridge and cook them for a wonderful meal with small proteins or carbohydrates! It can be served over rice that is cooked with onions and garlic.

A nice option will also be pasta blended in with citrus water, salt and onions. Well, before that, you have to practice on how to make it properly, and the time is now. Without any further ado, let’s just jump right into it!

Prep time : 10 minutes

Cook time : 25 – 30 minutes

Total time : 35 – 40 minutes

Yield : 4


2 tbsp unsalted butter

6 cloves garlic; minced

Pepper and salt for personal taste

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 ½ cups reduced fat cream

½ cup fresh Parmesan cheese; grated

½ cup dry white wine; can be substituted with chicken broth

1-pound shrimps, with or without tails

2 tbsp fresh parsley; chopped

Cooking Instructions

Prepare a large non-sticky skillet, put oil in it and heat over medium to high heat. Add shrimp into it and season with pepper and salt. Fry each side for about 1 to 2 minutes until cooked evenly. After that, remove it to a bowl and let it sit.

In the same skillet, put butter and melt it over. Add garlic and sauté until you can smell their cooked fragrance. It should be about 30 seconds. Then, pour white wine (or chicken broth; adjust to what you choose to use) into the skillet. Let it cooked while scratching any sticky mixtures at the bottom of the skillet until the amount of the wine reduced to half.

For the next step, lower the heat over medium to low. While stirring occasionally, pour the cream and simmer. Sprinkle pepper and salt evenly according to your personal taste.

Slowly put Parmesan cheese into the skillet. Simmer for a few additional minutes until the sauce become thick enough and the cheese melt all over.

Once again, put back the shrimp into the skillet. Spread parsley over the dish. You may taste it to test if it suits your flavor preference or yet.

When you are done, remove it to a serving plate and serve it while warm with steamed vegetables, rice, mashed potato or pasta.