Good Food for Good Life: Daily Food for Good Health

For those of you wanting to live a good life, you will certainly need to eat daily food for good health.

Only by eating healthy that you can live a healthy life, prolonging your existence in this world for some time.

Lots of people told me that the food that you eat certainly makes you the person that you are.

I am a sore believer of that saying, and I got lots of reasons for me to believe it.

I believe that there are several aspects of life that defines your ‘wholeness’, and to keep ourselves whole, those aspects need to be fulfilled.

One such aspect is eating, which is one of the most basic of things that we should do to keep ourselves alive and happy.

If you do not eat well, you will not live life well, making living your live something of a burden.

Nobody likes it if life is a burden, right? So you should remember that you need to eat well to live well.

The definition of eating well is somewhat vague, if you think about it.

There are many definitions about eating well, and those many definitions can be confusing sometimes.

For one person, eating well can mean eating your share of food three times a day.

For another, eating only vegetables can be seen as eating well.

Another, again, might say that you need to have a balanced diet if you want to be seen as someone who eats well.

What makes things interesting is the fact that those three types of thoughts are all right.

One person might see that you will only need to eat three times a day, no matter what food they eat, to be healthy.

Another might think that eating meats and dairy products are not healthy, retreating to the safety of their fruits and vegetables.

Both of them, if you look at it generally, are right to some extent.

There is nothing wrong with eating food three times a day (it is even the recommended way of eating your share of food for the day).

There is also nothing wrong with only eating vegetables and fruits, as vegetables and fruits are filled with things that will certainly be good for our body.

But what about the general crowd? What about people like you and me who does not care about how healthy it is eating only vegetables or meat is? How about those who does not care about how you should eat your food? Is there a way of eating that is good for us?

The recommended way of eating for the ‘normal’ people

For people who does not care about how eating meats are harmful and how eating only vegetables will make you immortal, the most recommended way of eating our food is the same as the first of the aforementioned thoughts on eating well: eating well means eating your daily share of food for three times a day.

Dividing your meal into three times a day makes is the most balanced way of dividing it, making every meals have their own uses.

The first of the day, the breakfast, serves to jumpstart your metabolism, making your day less longer and even more happier.

The second food, the lunch, serves to re-energize your body.

There are times when the mood is grim and the work is piling, but eating lunch will change that.

If you eat your lunch, your body will return to its re-energized state and you can continue doing your job with the same vim and vigour the morning you had.

The dinner, while it is seen as something that is not important to people, is actually is.

It is important because of one thing: you eat food to energize yourself, no matter the time.

Contrary to popular believe (and common sense, to be honest), you still burn energy when you are asleep.

You may think that the amount of energy burned is not that much compared to when you are slouching on the couch watching some evening news, but you are wrong.

When you are asleep, you burn lots of energy. I do not know how the process goes, but it is the fact.

The time of the day matters, but what goes inside matters as well

Eating your share of food three times a day is a good thing to do, but it will not matter much if you only eat junk foods on all of those three times.

Because they serve only to bring happiness and a filled stomach to you, junk food (if you like eating them) should only be eaten on lunchtime.

Avoid them at all cost when it is the time for you to eat your breakfast or dinner.

For breakfast, fibre and sugar should be your daily intake

A fibre-filled food is probably the best daily food for good health and is always recommended for breakfast, dinner, or lunch. The other one though is not so much.

If you crave for sugary things, you had better put it on your breakfast menu.

The reason to this inclusion is easy to understand: sugar is the thing that keeps your body filled with energy, and because energy is the only thing that you need in the morning, you need to include it on the breakfast.

Things like sweetened milk or any other form of sugary things can keep you awake and energized for the morning.

Cereals are also good because of their sugar content, provided you limit yourself when eating them.

One flawless thing to eat when you are having your breakfast is oatmeal.

Contained within a serving of oatmeal is like, nearly everything you need for your body.

Be sure to spice it up if the usual serving turns too bland for the taste.

What you eat for lunch and dinner does not matter much

Every food gives energy when eaten, and no matter if you eat it for lunch or for dinner, it will still give you the thing.

For lunch, I believe that you are free to eat any kinds of foods you like that you think will give you the needed boost to your mood and energy levels.

Because lunchtime is your brief respite from the day’s work, stuff yourself with foods that can uplift your spirits and fill your stomach.

Healthy or unhealthy, it does not matter as long as it can keep yourself happy.

Dinner is a different matter, for dinner, you need to balance between keeping your mind happy and your body healthy.

Just like before, eat lots of fibre so your digestion will be happy when you are asleep.

Close the day off with a serving of fruit to make your daily dinner a good daily food for good health.