Tasty Baked Halibut with Garlic and Parmesan Topping Recipe

Fish dish is a great type of dish to serve when you are in pinch but need to entertain. It does not take long to cook.

This baked Halibut recipe with garlic and parmesan topping can be a great addition to your cooking repertoire.

The dish can be whipped up very quickly with absolutely no fuss. Its taste is also something that everyone will enjoy.

Prepping Time : 5 minutes ; Cooking Time : 8 minutes ; Total Time : 13 minutes ; Yield : 4 portions


A little dash of Tabasco or other kinds of hot sauce

Salt to taste

Freshly grounded black pepper to taste

¼ cup mayonnaise, you can use store-bought or homemade kind depending on preference

¼ cup butter, softened at room temperature

Half a slice lemon, squeeze for the juice

4 slices Halibut fillets; buy the fresh one if you can help it and make sure that each slice is cut about an inch thick

4 to 6 cloves crushed garlic; if you want less garlicky then you can use less amount of garlic and slice instead of crushing

Half a cup Parmesan, freshly grated

2 tablespoons finely diced green onion

Cooking Instructions

Prepare a casserole dish that will fit four Halibut fillets nicely.

Preheat your oven to 450°F (equals to 232°C).

Season the fish fillets with lemon juice, salt, and grounded black pepper.

Move the fillets to prepared casserole dish.

Bake the fillets inside preheated oven for about 6 minutes.

In a large bowl, add the topping ingredients: grated Parmesan, mayonnaise, softened butter, crushed garlic, chopped green onion, and hot sauce. Mix until the ingredients are fully combined.

Spread the topping mixture over the top and sides of half-baked Halibut fillets.

Set the oven to broil then insert casserole dish once again into the oven. Broil for 2 to 3 minutes until the color turns golden brown. Take the fillets out from oven.

Serve while warm with greens, such as asparagus or spinach.