Coconut Oil Not the Best Health Solution

Coconut Oil: Not the Best Health Solution

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You must have heard about coconut oil. Many people believe that coconut oil is healthy. They use it for various purpose such as for cooking or beauty purpose.

However, the latest research shows that Coconut oil isn’t healthy. It’s never been healthy. You might not understand why it is unhealthy for you. That is why it will be much better if you know the reasons behind why coconut oil is unhealthy.

Here are several reasons why coconut oil is not as healthy as you think. It will give you a second thought before consuming coconut oil or using it in your daily life.

Unhealthy Oil Made of Plantation

It is not a secret that many people believe the health benefit of coconut oil. As we all know, any oil will result fat that will be stored under the skin. That is why the use of oil is always avoided. Even so, coconut oil is still chosen because it is believed to have better fat than other saturated fats. For decades, many people believe it so that the use of coconut oil is promoted anywhere. Well, the recent study published stated that it is no longer a truth that coconut oil is healthy. Instead, it can be worse than butter.

Oil made of animal fats is surely seen as an unhealthy option. Besides, oil made of plants seem to be better option for health. Even so, it is not always right. That thought is based on the fact that these types of oil contained saturated fat. Saturated fat can be found in almost all types of oil. Consuming any type of food which is high of saturated fat will increase the level of bad cholesterol, or also known as LDL cholesterol. If the body is high in LDL cholesterol level, the result will be bad to the health. It can clog the arteries which then increases the risk of any heart disease and stroke.

If you think that coconut oil has less saturated fat, then it is completely wrong. A study proved that 82% of fat in coconut oil is saturated. That amount is surely higher than other ingredients such as beef fat, pork lard, and even butter. That is surely a bad idea for those who want to be in diet and have healthier body. At this point, it will be much better to seek for healthier oil option with lesser saturated fat. For example, it can be exchanged to olive oil, sunflower oil, and other vegetable oil.

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