3 Health Benefits of Eating Filet Mignon

3 Health Benefits of Eating Filet Mignon

3 Health Benefits of Eating Filet Mignon

Health benefits of eating filet mignon might be something that is weird to the ear. Why? Because it is meat, and, to quote a hardcore vegan I have met in life, meats are ‘unhealthy’ and eating meats is a form of ‘torture’ that we banal humans enjoyed.

See, I will not deny that meats are unhealthy and eating meats is a form of torture, but we humans cannot help by having to rip our fangs upon that delicious flesh that is animal’s meat. It is one of our deepest desire to enjoy meat, and according to a psychology lesson I took in the university, when we have our desires taken away forcefully from us, we will only turn into a lowly creature that are not chained by our morals and by our super-ego. Eating meat helps develop our super-ego, and without meat, our super-ego will not develop as well and we will not know moderation in eating.

Psychology rants are my favourite, but I do believe that eating meal, psychology, and the development of our psyche are all related to each other.

While many people does not look too deep when they are searching about the psychology of eating meat, many people does believe that eating meat is not that healthy compared to eating fishes or eating vegetables. They are right, but they are also wrong on some department.

In today’s article, I will talk about filet mignon, a part of the cow that is often tops the list of many gourmet all over the world. While filet mignon is not the healthiest part of the cow thanks to how large in fat it is, there are several health benefits of eating filet mignon that we can find. What are those health benefits?

It is rich in protein

Protein is one of the most important substance in our body because it directly helps with tissue reparation. What does it mean by tissue reparation? Tissue reparation is a process that repairs any broken tissue within our body.

‘But I have not got any tissue within me that is broken’

If you think that there is no tissue within your body that is broken, then you think wrong, my friends. Any actions are bound to put a dent into our muscle tissue in one way or another. If you are doing mundane things that does not require any energy or muscle strength whatsoever, of course you will not feel the feeling of having your body repairing the broken tissue. The same cannot be said if you constantly exercises or constantly moves. When you exercises, some part of your muscle tissue will be torn and protein helps LOTS in rebuilding the torn tissue. Those torn tissues will be stronger than it was before.

Do you ever wonder why many sportswomen and sportsmen require a hefty amount of protein on their diet? My explanation above is the sole answer.

Vitamins, minerals, all healthy for your body

Red meat is filled with iron. Filet mignon took the colour red. You all know where this will lead to, right?

Red meat, aside from being filled to the brim with protein, is also filled with iron. Iron is very important for our body because it will carry oxygenated blood to your body. When our body is oxygenated well, we will be healthy. On the other hand, if we lack oxygenated blood, we will tire easy and will lose the desire to do things pretty quickly.

It serves your mental health well (if you eat meat, of course)

Mental health is health as well, and that is why I am putting this one over here.

Filet mignon is hailed as one of the tastiest and the most expensive part of the cow. Many gourmets enjoyed eating this food thanks to how delicious and how texture-y this meat is. When you eat healthy foods, your brain will transmit some sort of happy signal to your whole body, hence making your overall self healthier thanks to that happy signal.

These three health benefits of eating filet mignon are definitely something you can remember when you hesitates in eating this heaven-gifted meat.

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