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The Most 4 Effects of Eating Rice that is Raw or Undercooked

The Most 4 Effects of Eating Rice that is Raw or Undercooked

If you are looking for the effects of eating rice that is raw or undercooked, then you have come to the right place, my friends. I am here to tell you everything you need to know about this particular grain that is pretty popular in Asian countries.

Rice has been a staple for nearly every person in countries of the Asia continent. Rice can come in many shapes and forms, and with different countries come different tastes and different textures. The only thing that makes them the same is the fact that you have to eat them ONLY when they are cooked for the right time. Overcooked rice will only turn into a congee (which is not that acceptable in many taste palate), and undercooked rice will do things that will not be fancy to your body.

But that is what many people has told me. Because I am not liable to believe any words without any evidence backing it up, I have conducted my own personal research about eating raw or undercooked rice. This research, of course, will be shared on this article in hope that it can help people get to know better about whether the effects of eating rice that is raw or undercooked will be adverse or not.

Because I do not like prancing around saying unneeded stuffs, let us begin with the first fact about undercooked or even raw rice:

You will get bacteria infection

There is this bacteria called Bacillus Cereus that is found within raw rice.

But assuming every bacteria is bad is like assuming every people believed that the earth is spherical. In this life, there are bacteria that is beneficial to the human body, and those bacteria, like it or not, rest within our body. These bacteria will help us live life to the fullest and keep a smile in our face.

Sadly, Bacillus Cereus is not a bacteria that will help us live life to the fullest. Why? Because this is a  semi-malignant (I call it a semi-malignant bacteria because some strains are actually useful to human) bacteria that will cause many problems for us. While some strains of this particular thing can be a probiotic for you, some strains will actually cause vomiting and nausea. The malignant strains are often associated with products containing rice.

There are cases where uncooked rice will cause vomiting and nausea, but if you have not caught the two, I suggest not eating raw rice before the two DOES happen to you.

Vomit and nausea (again)

Another thing that can be found in uncooked rice is Lectin. While the name might sound cool and the like, its effect on the body is actually not. This protein is your natural insecticide that will often ‘grow’ in raw products containing carbs. Because raw rice is a raw product that contains carbs, surely there is a chance that there will be Lectin in there. This Lectin will cause vomiting and nausea, just like the bacteria from the explanation above.

Bad digestion

You might not know it, but uncooked rice is protected by something that is pretty hard to digest. Because of this, your body will find it hard to digest the nutrient within a rice. Lack of nutrition is never a good thing, yo

Last but not least: Pica

While this classify as a disorder rather than your traditional sickness, this one should be listed in here as well because this is a harmful habit. Pica is a disorder where somebody likes to munch on raw rice. It is most commonly found in children and pregnant women. It is basically a dangerous habit to nurture, and consultation might be needed if the cravings cannot stop. This, in my opinion, is the most dangerous of the effects of eating rice that is raw or undercooked.

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